Feestspada Armouries



    Leather Plastron with chest and back protection  

Maker: Andrew Feest


This is a leather chest and back protector with re-enforced shoulder protection. Gives good protection against cuts. Can be dyed most colours on request. If you would like any extra re-inforcement or design feature please feel free to contact me.

Guide prices:

Medium: 39-44 inch chest
£299.00 plus postage.

Large: 45 inch chest up
£329.00 plus postage.

This plastron is made from waxed, veg tan leather around 4mm thick.

I do not put the extra strip around the arm anymore (shown in photo) as it tends to make the leather too stiff for free movement.

These are made to measure and the price is based on the size. Fill in the measurement chart, if you are wearing this over a jacket please measure with jacket on.

Measurement chart men's

Measurement chart women's


leather plastron chest protection black