Feestspada Armouries



    Hudiedao Knives – c.19th century  

Maker: Andrew Feest 2014

Client: Dave Bright

Length: 670mm

Hilt: Steel

Blade: length 490mm thickness at base 14mm
Blade: Triangular section

Grip: Rosewood and steel


Based on a set of mid. 19th century hudiedao. These swords have strong blades with a thick triangular spine (14 mm at the forte). They were capable of cutting but clearly optimized for stabbing. The edge itself has a convex grind on one side, and a flat grind where it sits against the other sword when sheathed. The blades have steel D-guards and rosewood handles decorated with slashed lines. This example above was provided courtesy of swordsantiqueweapons.com