Feestspada Armouries



    Crusader Arming Sword c. 980 - c. 1150  

Maker: Andrew Feest 2012

Client: John Jacobs

Length: 960mm

Blade: 820mm - Marco Danelli

Quillons: 284mm

Weight: 1200gms

Grip: Twine and leather

Scabbard: Leather and cut steel


This weapon is based on a Saxon Sword c. 980 - c. 1150, held at the Wallace Collection, London UK.

The originals were measured and handled by arrangement with Head of Conservation, David Edge, at the Wallace Collection in London.

Original Reference Wallace Collection (A457) Germany
c. 980 - c. 1150 Iron or steel
Length: 95cm
Weight: 1.195 kg

wallace arming sword



swept hilt 1600s