Feestspada Armouries



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Stage 1

small sword and rapier design

Stage 2


Stage 3

design stage 3




All commissions are bespoke, therefor all prices are based on the final design drawings provided by me . However I am very happy to provide a guide price on request. The commissions to datehave varied from £480 to £1500 depending on the complexity of the work.


A deposit will be requested after the design/s are signed off by the customer to secure the order.


The initial drawing/s are part of the service within reason. These visuals are a very good way of the customer getting exactly what they want and without any confusion in the process. They also act as a provenence and where appropriate the historical context of the piece. Once these drawings are signed off a final price will be agreed.


A deposit will be requested after the visuals are signed off to secure the order.