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Welcome to the feestspada armoury.

Florio dictionary 1610

Feestspada specialise in producing bespoke swords, daggers and related leather items to order. You describe what you would like made, agree the design, and I will make it for you. These designs can be chosen from historical reference, inspired by, or referenced from my extensive resources such as museum collections and archives, libraries and my own extensive library and studies over many years. If preferred a unique interpretation to make the design your own but with an historical integraty. All work is hand crafted, with great attention to detail, every effort is made to bring the weapons to life for the fencer or collector. Below are many examples of work carried out for previous valued customers.

Wild Cat themed Small-sword Scottish Dirk Side-Sword German, Northern Italian Side Sword c1550
Olive inspired swept_hilt rapier Spadroon Halflang
Small-sword Seven Ring Rapier German Broadsword
Small-sword Arming Sword Arming Sword Small-sword
Long Sword The Galway Sword - Irish Arming Sword 16th Century Dagger 1595 Cup Hilt Small-sword set
Single Stick Ribbon Hilted Broadsword German Military Broadsword (1595) Fleuret
Longsword Longsword Fantasy Longsword longsword
Cup Hilt and Small-sword Set Dagger main guache
swept hilt Bradley Swept Hilt Rapier Small-sword Hudiedao butterfly knives